For months and months I would receive and then delete Thomas Wrobel’s email about starting a non-profit and assisting in all the legal aspects of setting one up.  I kept resisting, thinking I could do it myself.  Well, after months of research and trying to wade through the government’s requirements and procedures, I cried “uncle”.  I finally made the call to TS Wrobel & Associates, and I am very glad I did.

The legal assistants that work for TS Wrobel immediately got me started with an easy questionnaire. I tailored our already existing mission statement and board documents, finished the questionnaire to the best of my ability, and off it went.  Just a few months later, I received our 501(c)3 determination letter.  A very simple, painless process.  I wish I hadn’t wasted all those months thinking I could do it myself!

Julia Violich, President, Tam Cycling