We’ve set up this package option for clients who had already completed their By-laws, filed their Articles of Incorporation and simply require assistance with the state and federal applications for tax exemption. Our Tax Exemption package includes:

  • Preparing IRS Form 1023 Exemption Application
  • Preparing State Exemption Application and Registration
  • Review of your Articles of Incorporation, Executed Bylaws
  • Preparation of a Conflict of Interest Policy that will help you obtain 501c3 status
  • A free Toolkit and Reference Guide on How to Maintain your Corporate and Tax Exempt Status

1. Representatives from your organization will work with our staff to…

  • Write a Statement of Purpose
  • Prepare a Description of your Program Activities
  • Create a Strategic Fundraising Plan
  • Determine Structural Issues for the Board of Directors
  • Create a 3-year Budget
  • Provide Guidance on the Operational Responsibilities of a NP Corporation
  • Obtaining an Employer Identification Number, if not yet obtained

2. Our firm will review your organization’s formation documents to ensure they meet IRS and state requirements. This review includes…

  • Articles of Incorporation
  • Bylaws

3. Then we will review and/or prepare your Organization’s…

  • Conflict of Interest Policy, if not yet adopted
  • Minutes of the First Meeting of the Board of Directors
  • IRS 1023 Exemption Application
  • State Exemption Application and/or Registration

4. We will also provide you organization with…

  • Written Instructions on bank accounts, employee withholding and other corporate procedures, ongoing compliance for your nonprofit
  • A free Toolkit and Reference Guide on How to Maintain your Corporate and Tax Exempt Status
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