Tom Wrobel is a pleasure to work with. He’s professional and takes a personal interest in the welfare of his clients. He’s always there to help and has done an excellent job guiding us through the process of setting up a nonprofit organization. I highly recommend him.

Dimitri Moraitis, Executive Director

Spiritual Arts Institute, Kingsburg, California


T. S. Wrobel & Associates provided excellent nonprofit startup service. Mr. Wrobel is timely, professional, able to answer questions and an excellent guide for this process. I could not have made proper sense of all the forms and requirements without the excellent legal service of Mr. Wrobel. There are no words to describe how much I appreciate all the help with this process. Thank you.

Arlene Dianne Payne, President and Founder

Gifts of Need, Kingsburg, California


Thomas Wrobel provided expert assistance to us in setting up our nonprofit corporation and in preparing our application for 501c3 status. His knowledge and guidance was particularly helpful in responding to IRS queries. We are pleased that with Tom’s assistance we obtained 501c3 tax exempt status.

Dan Newman, Executive Director, San Francisco, California


We were very pleased with the advice and help we received through Tom Wrobel in getting our 501C3 status and paperwork for the nonprofit we founded. Tom did not run over the cost and we got everything completed in about the time he said it would take. Tom is a great attorney to work with, very friendly and able to explain things in a way anyone can understand.

Lynn and Christine Dixon

The Motorcyclist Awareness Project, Normandy Park, Washington


Thank You so much, Tom. This is more complicated than I thought it was going to be. Really glad to have your help to get this completed.

Johne Anderson, Founder

Luv ‘Em Long Ears Rescue Ranch, Oatman, Arizona


Calantas Young Dreamers Foundation (CYDF) USA, Inc. was founded in May 2004 to help address abject poverty in the Philippine rural areas by assisting talented youth through a Community-Based Scholarship Project Model. CYDF would not be where it is today without the assistance of Atty. Thomas Wrobel & Associates. I am now able to move CYDF’s mission forward in confidence, knowing that my foundation is a legally recognized 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Most importantly, their legal assistance has left me with the feeling that I am doing things correctly from the onset which will help me accomplish CYDF’s mission to help uplift human suffering from abject poverty in the Philippines

Antonio M. Mendoza – President

CYDF USA, Inc – Calantas Young Dreamers Foundation, San Francisco, California


Thank you T. S. Wrobel and Associates for your assistance in helping Cornucopia obtain our 501(c)3 status. We thought we could do it on our own. But after many months of sleepless nights and headaches, we turned to the experts. After coming to T.S. Wrobel and Associates the process was extremely painless. Thank you for both the professionalism and personal comfort you provided through this process.

Helen Raines, President/Founder

Cornucopia, Oakland, California


When I started a non-profit, Positive Pet Parenting Saves Lives, a program that puts free Positive Pet Parenting E-Courses into homes with pet adoptions from the shelter and rescue groups, I wanted to provide the services not manage the non-profit. My biggest concern was that I would get in over my head on the record keeping, and not retain good standing which was essential to the success of the program and important to me for ethical reasons. I contracted T. S. Wrobel to set up the non-profit which was successful so I decided to retain his services to continue to manage the filings and keep the organization in good standing. I am very satisfied with the services and feel confident accepting grant funds knowing that all parties are protected by my legal standing.

Susan Tripp, BA MS/P

Positive Pet Parenting


When starting a new nonprofit, I needed to find an attorney who specifically knew the ins and outs about nonprofit set-up. Being an international nonprofit, it was challenging to find a New York based attorney who could cater to our specific needs. After extensive online research, I called TS Wrobel & Associates and found that he was the most experienced and compassionate attorney who was willing to provide us with the support needed at a reasonable cost. In our second year as a nonprofit, Thomas Wrobel still our attorney of choice, we feel confident in his services, and I appreciate that all of his staff are friendly, attentive, and sincerely interested in our mission.

Zola Bruce, President

Unified for Global Healing (UFHG), Brooklyn, New York


Thanks so much for your great service. Tom, you and everyone at T. S. Wrobel & Associates were part of this huge success! Thanks so much for taking care of High Cloud, your support and advice is helping so many children and orphans that live in extreme poverty around the world.

Adriana and Matt Anderson, Co-Founders/President

High Cloud Foundation, Alexandria, Virginia


T.S. Wrobel and Associates made the tedious and detailed process of our tax exempt status application stress free. He and his staff handled all the details and were always friendly and helpful in my request for status updates, as well as all the legal forms required for creating my nonprofit corporation.

Patrick Williams, CEO/President

Coaching the Global Village, Palm Coast, Florida


Starting a nonprofit organization is not an easy task. There are many issues that arise with the day-to-day administration like choosing the right name for your organization, creating a mission statement, developing programs and activities etc; and this is just the beginning. Then, the most important issue of all has to be addressed: Having a 501C3 status. That is where I was lucky to found T. S. Wrobel & Associates. They were very professional, patient and really worked with me through all my challenges, answering all my questions and helping make the process virtually easy for me. My application was approved sooner than I thought and I was able to concentrate on what really matters; my cause, the children with autism in Africa. I will recommend T.S. Wrobel & Associates to anyone who needs help for legal issues. Thank you guys!

Brigitte Kobenan, Founder

Autism Community of Africa, Columbia, Maryland


I have been involved with non profit organizations for over ten years. One of the most frustrating steps in the process of organizing and establishing a non profit group is the red tape involved in obtaining a 501c3. T.S. Wrobel & Associates walked me through every step of the process. They were professional, efficient and fast. I would highly recommend their services to anyone looking to start their own nonprofit.

Sylvia Cuervo, Founder and President

GROW Foundation – Student and Family Outreach, Chula Vista, California


T.S. Wrobel & Associates makes things happen, which is why I am coming back again for their special assistance with my new foundation. I highly recommend T.S. Wrobel & Associates and their efficient services.

Jeff Alipio, President/Founder

4 Corners Foundation, San Anselmo, California


Tom Wrobel is an outstanding business professional, who goes beyond the call of duty to get the job done. He takes pride and great interest in his clients to make sure their needs are met. He has done an excellent job in guiding us through the Nonprofit start-up process. It has been a pleasure working with Tom and his staff. I highly recommend him to any entrepreneur or organization looking to start a 501(c)(3) organization.

Ollie Reed, Founder

Surmount Youth Center, Houston, Texas


Working with Mr. Wrobel and his associates was great – I had attempted to go a “cheaper” route by going through another very well known multi-national corporation and they made a mess of things. That’s when I switched to this company. Not only did Mr. Wrobel get the job done, but they managed to do it faster than I thought possible. It was well worth the money.

Sahasra Sambamoorthi, President

Navatman Dance, New York, New York


My experience with your law firm was exceptionally good from the very first contact through the entire process of incorporation and federal/state tax exemption. The process was smooth, painless, and unexpectedly fast. The fees were very reasonable, and the service outstanding. I incorporated three other non-profits in the past, and I wish I had used your services then. What a difference!

Nicolas Carballeira (Nimai Norbu), President

Suddha Dharma Sangha, Cambridge, Massachusetts


When I looked at the application to file for a nonprofit status, I was overwhelmed and felt defeated by what felt to be a huge mind-boggling task. So, I went to the internet to see if I could find affordable help with this task and that is where I found T. S. Wrobel and Associates offering exactly such help. From the initial interview, all the way through to receiving the non profit status for my organization, I found them to be genuinely interested in my project and very knowledgeable about what the IRS was looking for on the application. To me, it was well worth the investment to turn an overwhelming daunting task into a successful accomplishment.

Carol Heywood-Babrauskas, President

Heart Source Unlimited, Inc., Issaquah, Washington


Mr. Wrobel and his team worked diligently with me to answer all the questions in detail while still representing our “novel” concept to the IRS. Needless to say, it certainly was a process, a great learning experience and I can’t say enough how much your help and guidance made me secure and confident that I would ultimately reach nonprofit status

Matt Rubin, President

Symptom Media


I had aspirations for a long time to get a non-profit up and running. I am passionate about the non-profit’s mission and objectives and T.S. Wrobel and Associates helped me bring this dream to life. They have a great informative web site which I was able to look over before contacting them. The team was able to assist me on the first phone call with information and references. The references were solid and positive so I knew this Attorney’s office was the one I was going to use to ensure I received the 501c(3) status. The cost was very competitive and with the various payment plan options there was no way I was going to go anywhere else. The team was very thorough and efficient, answered any and all questions if and when I had any; they are still continuing to help my non-profit today. They enabled what could have been a headache of a process to be smooth, easy and quick. I will forever be grateful. Thanks T.S. Wrobel and Associates for all of the support and assistance.

Brandi Akers, President

The ARC Foundation, Las Vegas, Nevada


Wow, thank you so much! I am so happy! Thank you will all my heart and I give TS Wrobel & Associates my complete appreciation for the hard work your office performed while helping me attain my 501c3 tax exempt status. Your assistants were very knowledgeable, if they did not have the answer to a question, they found it out and returned my calls or emails promptly, conducting themselves in a professional and courteous manner. It was always a pleasure to speak with Mr. Wrobel as well, every time! You never made me feel inept, always speaking with patience and kindness….thank you for that! I will be referring your office to others and I will be contacting you again for other nonprofit business issues.

Patricia Feather, President

Urban Bridges, Portland, Oregon


Working with T. S. Wrobel & Associates has been an extremely easy process.  I would encourage anyone seeking to obtain their 501c3 tax exempt status to utilize their services.  T. S. Wrobel & Associates are professional and affordable as well as being very helpful and I give them my highest recommendation

Tony L. Martin, Treasurer

The Surry Community College Knights Athletic Club, Dobson, North Carolina


When we hired the T.S.WORBEL & ASSOCIATES to help us obtain our 501c3 we had little or no knowledge how much work it took to complete the process. It was such a relief to have such a group of dedicated and informed team assisting us in the process. In every step of the way they were able to assist us, answering our questions at a moments notice and kept us on track throughout this complicated process. We are grateful for for all their assistance in helping achieve our goal and would recommend their services to anyone.

Kevin Radley, President

Vallejo Charter School Parent Teacher Organization Association, Vallejo, California


T.S. Wrobel & Associates were patient, thorough, and very pleasant to communicate with as they guided me through acquiring a 501c3 organization from the ground up. Thank you!

Marianne Asher, President

PRELUDE, Haiku, Hawaii


Dear T. S. Wrobel and Associates, please allow me to thank you once again for providing your most personal and excellent attention concerning the special legal needs of my nonprofit organization, A New Paradigm of Care. For those seeking any matter of Non-Profit Legal Assistance, I would most highly recommend T.S. Wrobel & Associates, above all others. It has certainly been a pleasure to work with your Team that serves others with seasoned professional experience, the best of business integrity, and much personal dedication.

Gail Troxell, President

A New Paradigm of Care, Falls Church, Virginia


T. S. WROBEL & ASSOCIATES has been a wealth of knowledge for us as brand new leaders of a new foundation.  They have been professional,          personal, and available 24/7 for any questions that we might have.  The Cover For Kids Foundation has a solid foundation on which to start because of their expertise.  We couldn’t be happier and would definitely recommend their law firm to anyone hoping to start their own organization

Dena Dorn-Pavletic, President

Cover for Kids Foundation, Denver, Colorado


I am very passionate about the 1L.I.F.E Foundation non-profit’s mission and objectives and T.S. Wrobel and Associates (Krista, Stella, Courtney, Masumi) helped me bring this dream to life. The staff was friendly, attentive and very knowledgeable to our needs. My experience with Tom and the staff was both pleasurable and professional from the beginning to end. They made the very tedious process of getting our 501c3 tax exempt status very smooth and painless. Thanks Tom, Krista, Stella and Masumi, Courtney! I will highly recommend your firm to those that are seeking to obtain their 501c3 tax exempt status to use your services.

Vanterpool Rudder, Founder

The 1L.I.F.E Foundation, Tallahassee, Florida


Thomas Wrobel and Associates have been a great asset to my organization, I paid my fees to T.S. Wrobel & Associates but was unable to complete the required paperwork due to various reasons for an extended period of time. Years later, they not only helped me complete all applications, but finished and we received our non-profit status in record time. I have known Thomas for several years, and he and his staff have always been totally professional and helpful in all my needs. I highly recommend his services as his business has helped me and many other non-profits to remain up and running to IRS standards, in addition to offering additional services. A better service to start your 501c3 organization cannot be found.

Art Brockmeyer, Founder

The Berkeley Saxophone Quartet Foundation, Albany, California