Since 1997, T. S. Wrobel Law Group has helped hundreds of nonprofit organizations to obtain and maintain their 501(c)(3) non-profit status.   Let us help you be successful over the long term.



1. Representatives from your organization will have priority access to a nonprofit attorney to quickly answer your compliance questions as well as address general legal issues facing your nonprofit.

2. You can take advantage of up to seven hours of attorney billable hours.  Unused hours are transferable to future years, as long as you stay with our Annual Retainer Program.

3. Our office will prepare all annual filings required by the state and federal government, excluding federal Form 990 or state tax return equivalent.

4. We will  provide your organization with helpful sample templates such as:




  • Sample receipts for donations
  • Sample minutes of your board of directors meetings
  • Sample agenda for conducting board of directors meetings
  • Conflict of Interest Policy and Compliance Guide (if not received from our office)
  • Fiscal Responsibility Policy


5.  You will also receive Resource Guides and Helpful Checklists for your Organization, including:

  • Fiscal Responsibility compliance checklist
  • Employment Compliance checklist and guide
  • A free Fundraising Guide
  • Written Instructions on bank accounts and other corporate procedures (if not already received from our office)
  • A free Toolkit and Reference Guide on How to Maintain your Corporate and Tax Exempt Status (if not yet received from our office)

Your Next Step

To receive a free initial consultation (20 minutes over the phone or in person) with no obligation, simply call Thomas Wrobel at 1-800-928-4161 or e-mail to [email protected].