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501c3 Nonprofit Consultation Services
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What is a
501c3 & 501c4?

501c3 Nonprofits: Religious, Educational, Charitable, Scientific, Literary, Testing for Public Safety, National or International Amateur Sports Competitions, Prevention of Cruelty to Children or Animals Organizations.

501c3 organizations include cultural arts and Community development NPOs. The organization's revenue is Tax Exempt and charitable contributions are tax deductible. Limited ability or restrictions to lobbying.


501c4 Nonprofits: Civic Leagues, Social Welfare Organizations, and Local Associations of Employees.

The organizations's reveneue is Tax Exempt and donations are NOT tax deductible. Less limited ability to lobby for legislation and the ability to participate in political campaigns and elections.

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We represent 501c Nonprofit Organizations to better our world.

We are familiar with the special issues and significant challenges facing 501cnonprofit organizations, and are committed to helping our clients fulfill their organizations' mission statements. Our expertise in starting your 501c3 nonprofit will save your organization time and resources that are better dedicated to fundraising, networking, building relationships, and pursuing your nonprofit purpose. To best avoid difficulties and delays in obtaining IRS 501c3 approval, your organization or NGO should be represented by an attorney with nonprofit law expertise.


We cover all legal services a startup nonprofit needs:
  • Formation: Articles of Incorporation, bylaws, budgets, minutes for initial directors' meeting, and other startup documentation (routinely within 1-4 weeks of retainer)
  • Tax Exemption: Establishing 501c3 Tax Exempt Status at the federal and state level (IRS form 1023 or 1024)
  • Maintenance: Guidance and instructions in maintaining corporate formalities and keeping your nonprofit status over the long term
  • Support: Continuing Representation and consultation including employment, real estate, leasing, and contract issues (Ask us about our on-call attorney support program as a way to address your legal concerns in a cost effective and timely manner)
  • Compliance Review: Entailing review of bylaws, state and federal filings and representation when organizations are out of compliance
  • Annual Revenue Filings: IRS tax returns, and state filings (990, 8734, etc.)

Three Easy Ways to Start Your 501c3 Nonprofit



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Our Commitment to Service

We at T. S. Wrobel & Associates feel very privileged to be working with nonprofits. It is work that we care about and that we find tremendously rewarding. Helping others to better their communities is really our mission, and empowering our NGO clients to be successful only enhances the good that is generated through our and our clients work. You have our commitment that you will receive personalized and attentive professional service.

Success Across the Country and Internationally

Our firm has helped over 1,000 organizations get on their feet, and obtain IRS approval.

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T. S. Wrobel & Associates provided excellent nonprofit startup service. Mr. Wrobel is timely, professional, able to answer questions and an excellent guide for this process. I could not have made proper sense of all the forms and requirements without the excellent legal service of Mr. Wrobel. There are no words to describe how much I appreciate all the help with this process. Thank you.

Arlene Dianne Payne, President and Founder, Gifts of Need - (Providing needed support to foster care children)

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